Full day trip +4000m

Altitude Helibike & Ski

Full day trip +4000M

Price 385€ per person

Our most intensive pack includes:

– One helibike shuttle to almost 3000m peak
– Three van shuttles
– Food (menu and two drinks)
– Guides
– Accident insurance for the day
– More than 4000 meters downhill during the day

About the day
We start the journey at 9 am. After a briefing explaining the whole day activities, we do the first van shuttle to a really flowy trail, with about 500 to 600 meters drop. A great trail to warm up and get the first contact with the terrain.

Around 10:30 hours will arrive the most awaited time of the day, THE HELIBIKE! Short briefing jump in… and will head up to a peak of almost 3000 meters, where a downhill that we won´t forget will be waiting for us!

From the top of the hill, will explain about the landscape and the environment that surround us, take a break, enjoy the moment and then… will start to descend to the town! 2000 meters drop this time through an alpine, rocky terrain that will make you think that you are riding on the moon! As far down as we get will be less rocky, greener, more flowy and finishing with a stunning single trail on the forest.

Time for a break and a recovery meal after this… and keep enjoying what we love the most! Two more van shuttles, to make you enjoy until the sunset and make you smile like never before!

This plan can be sometimes altered by circumstances that are out of our control; As weather, hunting periods, etc.

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important advice:

All our activities are developed on high mountain with a hard access, where the evacuation could result very difficult. It’s not a race, not a bike park, we are there to enjoy our loved bicycles on unique places. On an awesome environment!

Is not just about going down the hill with our bicycles, we invite you to know more about the geology, the secrets that surround us, and know how all this became what it is now. And obviously respecting the nature, and the other people on the hills.

The level of the trails is medium-advanced, depend the sections, with rocks, roots, and for sure lots of fun and flow!

Even if the accident insurance is included on the activity, we always recommend to have a mountain bike license.

Also is highly recommended to bring with you some spares for your bike and check it all before coming.  Some spares are hard to find, and there aren’t any big shops around. (Rear hanger, brake pads…)