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About Pablo

As an All-terrain mountain enthusiast, white water kayaking, backcountry skiing and of course mountain biking has brought Pablo to the four corners of the planet; Nepal, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Africa. Always escaping with a quiver of toys, but eventually returning to his beloved Pyrenees.

During his forest firefighting career that includes 12 years of working with helicopters, he met his business partner Lluís. Their friendship grew and gave rise to a dream; heli-access biking in his backyard. Good luck trying to wipe the smile of his face.


Born and raised in one of the most beautiful and authentic valleys of the Pyrenees such as Chistau, Dani is our authentic local guide. He knows the area perfectly and always with his smile, he will be happy to guide you through it.

Ski teacher in winter, kayak and bike geek, it will be a good challenge for you to follow him on the trails… but it will be more to match what he eats!

ABOUT Jorgito

From the Mediterranean coast, he is our youngest and fastest guide. Growing up, he has been sorrunded by wheels, either doing motocross or Racing downhill, he even won some spanish national cups as junior and under 23s.

Apart from enjoying the trails with us, he is technical delegate on the DH world cup for the UCI, and also bike mechanic in New Zealand during the Winter season.

All this plus his riding skills and sick way of shred bikes make him a perfect match with our team!


Raised in the Sierra outside of Madrid, Chun discovered that his place was in the mountains and not the city. He studied Forest Engineering and worked as a Wildfire Technician in Granada, Guadalajara and Toledo, with helicopters all around him.

On this path, he fell in love with the Pyrenees and to support his new lifestyle, he redirected his career by training to become mountain technician and of course, a MTB guide. He is a master of all mountain recreation, knowledgeable in geology, botany and photography with experience in southern Africa. When you add enthusiasm and energy to these qualities, you end up with an ideal guide for your mountain adventure.


A helicopter pilot since 1990 where he ventured to Canada to pursue his dream of flying. Though the span of Lluís’ career he has done mountain flying through the treacherous conditions of the Canadian Rockies and Swiss Alps. Lluís’ thirst for adventure does not stop there, he has flown the Andes range between Argentina, Chile and Peru to film The South American Dakar Race. Lluís also has a wealth of experience and expertise in Forest Fire Operations, Agricultural Spraying, Medical Evacuations & Rescue, Resupplying mountain huts in the Pyrenees, Avalanche Control, Long line operations, Logging and Power line maintenance.

In 2009 he met Pablo while firefighting in Boltaña. It was there that they rode together, discovering the incredible descents in the area and they began to imagine the potential for helicopter access to the tops of these rides. From there a friendship evolved and Altitude was born.


David is a downhill mountain biking icon of this century’s first decade. He was the runner up in the 1997 Junior World championships and the World cup in 1998. He was the Spanish Champion for 4 consecutive years (2000, 2003, 2006 y 2007) and European champion in 2007. In 2011, he began his training to become a helicopter pilot and met Lluís while working with forest fires a year later. In 2014, he received his license to fly. Despite his new career, David continues to work professionally as a DH technical delegate with UCI and as a Master rider took the World cup in Andorra in 2015.

Always active, good natured and easy to get along with, he helped get the project off the ground. At Altitude, we count on him as a guide, as he continues to grow as a mountain pilot to eventually fly us to the top.