Three days full gas Muscular

Altitude Helibike & Ski

Hotels 3 stars during all the trip, breakfasts include

All the shuttles during the weekend

Helibike included

Passionate local guide

Lunches included

Guaranteed smiles


In these three intense days, our base camp will be the wonderful town of Bielsa, in the province of Huesca.

In addition to being one of the entrances to the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, as well as being surrounded by mythical peaks over 3,000 meters high, Bielsa and its neighbouring French valleys of Aure and Val Louron, are where the Enduro World Series are held.

This incredible network of trails is made for sheer enjoyment on the bike, possessing a variety of terrain which includes high mountains, rocks, and roots. Not to mention, and above all else… a lot of flow!

Throughout each of the three days, we will pick you up from your hotel after breakfast and, with our van, we will visit the best descents found on both sides of the border. As always, bear in mind that we will rely on the helibike to determine the weather, and depending on the conditions, we will choose the best areas to ride each day.



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On the first and second day, we will make a stop for lunch and at around 7pm, we will drop you off at your hotel to quench your thirst with some well-deserved beers! On the final day, we will ride from after breakfast until about 2pm, so that from there you can have something to eat and thereafter, return to your homes – we are sure with a big smile!

Throughout these three days, we will do approximately between 7,000 and 9,000 meters of negative unevenness, so good technical and physical capacity is required.

Ride per day

First things first, before you continue reading: we are riders, we love to ride bikes, and it is what we do in our free time!

Furthermore, we are trail-builders and we love to guide you through the trails that we know, maintain, and love. Because we live in the area and ride so often, we know which descents have the best conditions at all times. That is to say, that conditions are not always predictable as they are ever-changing depending on weather conditions. It is because of this, that we unfortunately cannot promise a “fixed” schedule for these three days. Do not despair though, because what we can promise, is that we will do absolutely everything possible so that you enjoy an unforgettable experience!