Scenic Flights

Altitude Helibike & Ski

Have you ever dreamed of flying through the mountains? Changing the perspective and enjoying them from a bird’s eye view? We offer you the unique chance of flying over the Pyrenees by helicopter! Admire its peaks, its lakes, its valleys, as you have always imagined… a few minutes to remember forever. 5 people per flight maximum.

Option 1: departure and arrival at the same point. We will make a panoramic flight around one of the valleys in which we work, returning to the same point of takeoff after about 10 minutes of flight.

Option 2: Departure from one point and pick-up in another valley. This option will allow us to fly over different Pyrenees valleys, looking at their mountains, geological formations, “ibones” (small mountain lakes), and valleys. A taxi will be waiting for us at the arrival point to take us back to the starting point of the activity, traveling along mountain roads and tasting an incredible menu in a local restaurant. Flight time: approximately 15 minutes.