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    The organizing company: Mr. Pablo Irigoyen Claver, of legal age, with ID 18052305L, in the name and on behalf of the company ALTITUDERIDES, S. L., with Tax Identification Number B-22420814, domiciled in the town of Margudgued, within the municipality of Boltaña (Huesca – Spain), with telephone and e-mail contact +34 647 641709 -, and
    The traveler: Mr. /Mrs. , of legal age, with ID/passport , on their own behalf/on behalf of the company , with Tax Identification Number, of nationality and with habitual residence in , with telephone and e-mail contact ,
    HAVE AGREED to carry out the trip offered on the website under the terms of the offer specified therein.
    The GENERAL CONTRACTING CONDITIONS are published on the website, which can be accessed directly via the following link: General Contracting Conditions of ALTITUDERIDES, S. L.
    In addition, the following SPECIAL CONDITIONS regulate this contract:
    I.- DESTINATION OF THE TRIP: Active Tourism Activities in the province of Huesca.
    III.- MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION: AIRBUS H 125 helicopter and vans or all-terrain vehicles for transfers and lifts.
    IV.- ACCOMMODATION CHARACTERISTICS: Both hotels and rural lodgings, located in the area of the activities.
    V.- EXPECTED MEALS: Menu of the day in local restaurants or takeaway food.
    VI.- CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TRIP/LANGUAGE IN WHICH THE SERVICES WILL BE PROVIDED: Active tourism trip contracted according to the website With services in Spanish, English and French.
    VII.- PEOPLE WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE SERVICES/ACTIVITIES: The activities require a minimum number of people to be carried out and groups will be formed according to these minimums.
    VIII.- ORGANIZER OF THE TRIP: The organizer of the trip is ALTITUDERIDES, S. L. Contact details have been outlined in the heading of this contract.
    IX.- PRICE OF THE TRIP: Price as stipulated in
    X.- PAYMENT METHODS: [Las modalidades de pago, incluido cualquier importe o porcentaje del precio que deba abonarse en concepto de anticipo y los plazos para abonar el saldo, o las garantías financieras que tenga que pagar o aportar el viajero].
    XI.- PAYMENT OF THE PRICE: The traveler must pay 30% of the total price of the combined trip for their reservation to be confirmed. The rest of the price must be paid on the day of the activity, before its start.
    XII.- MINIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE: ALTITUDERIDES may cancel the contract and reimburse the traveler for all payments made without being responsible for any additional compensation in the following cases:
    - If the number of persons registered for the combined trip is less than the minimum number specified in the contract and the organizer notifies the traveler of the cancellation within the time limit specified in the contract, which shall be no later than:
    o twenty calendar days before the start of the combined trip in the case of trips lasting more than six days,
    o seven calendar days before the start of the combined trip in the case of trips lasting between two and six days,
    o forty-eight hours before the start of the combined trip for trips of less than two days, or

    - if the organizer is unable to perform the contract due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and the traveler is notified of the cancellation without undue delay before the start of the combined trip.
    XIII.- PASSPORT AND VISA REQUIREMENTS: The traveler is responsible for bringing all their documentation up to date to be in Spain and obtain a visa if necessary.
    XIV.- WITHDRAWAL OF THE CONTRACT BY THE TRAVELER: Once the services have been contracted with ALTITUDERIDES, the client will not be able to cancel the contract for free. If the contract is canceled by the client unilaterally, the penalty will be an amount equivalent to that paid for the reservation and payment on account. Policy of modification or cancellation of reservations.
    XV.- DATA PROTECTION: Your personal data is part of an electronic file whose responsible is ALTITUDERIDES, S. L., and is kept in order to manage the services that our customers demand from us. If you wish to exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, deletion, portability and opposition of your data, you may do so by sending an e-mail to the following address:, indicating in the subject line the right you wish to exercise. We also inform you of your right to contact the AEPD to claim the protection of your rights ( For more information, we are providing you with a link to our Privacy Policy.
    XVI.- SPECIAL NEEDS OF THE TRAVELER: The traveler has no special needs and if any, they have been accepted by the organizer with the agreed surcharge.
    XVII.- TRIP TRANSFER: The person who contracts our services may transfer their reservation to another person under the following conditions: i.- The transfer of the reservation will be communicated to ALTITUDERIDES, S. L. before the day of the start of the activity, in sufficient time to be able to make the new contract with the assignee who replaces the original client; ii.- The replacement client (assignee) must sign the service contract with ALTITUDERIDES and all the complementary documentation under the conditions stipulated with the original client (assignor) before the day of the start of the activity.
    XVIII.- LIABILITY: The organizer is responsible for the proper execution of all trip services included in the contract and is obliged to assist the traveler if they are in difficulty.
    XIX.- PROTECTION AGAINST INSOLVENCY: ALTITUDERIDES, S. L. has taken out an insurance policy that covers the traveler against the risk of insolvency of the organizer and compliance with the execution of the combined trip. The data of the insurance company are the following:

    AXA Seguros Generales SA
    C/ Monseñor Palmer 1
    07014 Palma de Mallorca
    Tel. 902013345
    XX.- LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ORGANIZER: The local representative of the organizer is Pablo Irigoyen Claver, with email and phone 647641709. He shall be at the travelers' disposal to request assistance when they experience difficulties or to make a complaint about any lack of conformity during the execution of the combined trip.
    XXI.- OBLIGATION TO COMMUNICATE ALL BREACHES IN THE EXECUTION OF THE CONTRACT: The traveler is obliged to report any failure to perform the contract as soon as possible to the organizer, in writing or in any other form of record, and, where appropriate, to the provider of the service concerned. The organizer will handle the complaint as diligently as possible and will make every effort to resolve the incident as soon as possible. For more information on consumer rights, we refer you to the following web link:
    XXII.- DEADLINE TO CLAIM: The statute of limitations for filing claims will be two years from the time the claim could be made. By signing this contract, the traveler acknowledges that they have read the general conditions of contract and the privacy policy that the organizer has made available through the website, and that they have been given information prior to this contract about the combined trip.
    In Margudgued – Boltaña, on
    Mr. P.p.
    Mr. /Mrs.
    I accept the conditions of the contract
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